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Trauma Impacts Us All

No one goes through life unscathed; however, our first responders, military, and sadly our children are exposed to trauma at very alarming rates. Our newest program, New Beginnings at Circle T Ranch is an equine-assisted therapy program aimed at the very core of healing and overcoming trauma exposure. Research has demonstrated that equine-assisted therapy is proven to aid in symptom reduction, healing, and development of healthy coping skills.

We pair the interventions with the individual needs of every client. We would love to demonstrate this for you or someone you know. Referrals can be submitted via denise@ilovecircletranch.com or by calling 559.288.9537.

We are also actively seeking sponsors and partners to help provide this intervention to as many veterans, first responders, and children as possible. Please visit our Store and donate/ sponsor. If your organization or family would like to give larger donations, we would gladly setup a meeting and build a custom package.

Help us, help those in need!

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